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A dovetail is a jointing technique in which two wood fragments are interlocked. This joint is of great strength and highly secure. Dovetail joints are commonly used to install the doors of cabinets and drawers. In a dovetail joint, fan-shaped pieces of wood are interlocked. The joint is formed by chiseling or trimming notches, referred to as pins and tails in both pieces of wood, so they fit perfectly andsecurely together. The dovetail joint is known to have existed throughout history and is believed to be among the earliest techniques used in wood joints. A dovetail joint requires no hardware such as nails or staples and is commonly used in furniture, boxes, cabinets and drawer fronts. Though it can be challenging to master making dovetail joints, it is widely used by many carpenters and woodworkers. Dovetails are of appealing and of great strength making these joints one of the most commonly used jointing techniques in construction projects.