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An end panel is an ornamental surface component installed on a top or base cabinet run to improve the appeal of the exposed ends. Considering that a lot of cabinets end at a doorway or the entrance of the kitchen where a wall isn't available to hide the rough looking parts of cabinet frames and sides. The end panel was created as an easy means of concealing these areas without impacting on the main structure of the cabinets. End panels often appear like the inlay pattern of a particular set of cabinets or look slightly different to suggest that it serves a decorative purpose. End panels are preconstructed and added to already installed cabinets; they play no structural or functional roles. The end piece is usually made from solid wood as it is meant to support the impression that the substrate is equally solid wood regardless of the infrequency of that fact. When considering an end panel, you'd need to get one manufactured in appropriate dimensions to hide the inner secrets of the cabinet construction properly. The corbels or base molding added to the entire cabinets should also be incorporated into these panels to coordinate the overall look of the room.