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A hinge is an important piece of cabinet hardware which ensures proper functioning of the furniture. The two major groups of the hardware are the visible and hidden hinges. Visible hinges are more related to the first hinges forged by early blacksmiths. A visible hinge allows movement in a linear direction and consists of two wings anchored together by means of a barrel-and-pin knuckle. The entirely exposed hinge often has decorative details molded into the wings to make the hinge appear more attractive. Partially hidden hinges only have their knuckles visible at the door seam where the hinge aligns with the face frame of the cabinet. Partially hidden hinges align with the face frame of the cabinet. Partially hidden hinges are often plain because they are meant for functional rather than decorative purposes. Concealed hinges are positioned within the cabinet doors and are completely invisible when the storage space is closed. This design of hinge is also popularly called a Euro Hinge, and it is now widely used due to its numerous practical benefits. Take for instance; concealed hinges may be positioned by the manipulation of some set screws. Another benefit of a concealed hinge is that there is often an assisted return feature in the construction of the hinge. This style equally allows cabinet doors to be easily taken off by disengaging the hinges at the joint while the ends still remain attached to the cabinets.