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An island is typically a freestanding piece of furniture that is used in the kitchen to supplement the space offered by the countertop.Homeowners are offered an opportunity to express their sense of style in the way a kitchen island is constructed and positioned in the kitchen. The name given to this piece, "island" doesn't infer permanence. The kitchen's meal preparation area can be increased by the inclusion of a freestanding and movable island to the kitchen. Islands do not have standard sizes and can be purchased in the appropriate dimension to fit the space perfectly. Islands can be built by purchasing extra kitchen base cabinets from the same manufacturer to ensure that all the furniture elements match. Designers of modern styled kitchens are beginning to add cooking surfaces and skins to islands to make them more intricate. It is also common for homeowners to add elevated stools to the non-meal preparation area of the island as a form of a supplementary dining area. Though islands offer a great opportunity to add extra storage space to the kitchen, some islands do not feature an internal storage space. Though some people liberally describe a large permanently placed table as an island, a true kitchen island will need to be at a countertop height which is in uniformity with the entire space.