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A pantry cabinet is the type of cabinet used for the purpose of food storage. Food storage is an important function of the kitchen though this is commonly overlooked. It is always helpful to store cutlery and dishes neatly in drawers and cabinets. However, it is also vital to store food stuff ranging from canned food, spices, and dried foods to condiments adequately to preserve them and also to make them easily accessible to a kitchen user while cooking. Pantry cabinets are available in wide varieties and can add extra storage space for food without necessarily taking up a permanent space. The word pantry actually applies to any piece of furniture that stores food and is often used in reference to the function and not appearance of the furniture. As a result, pantry cabinets are often taller than the kitchen base cabinets. They also commonly include some shelves, and most pantries hold extra gadgets such as a lazy Susan and internal drawers to improve their functionality further. If there is an inadequate storage space for food in the kitchen, then it is reasonable to consider adding pantry cabinets that are of the corner style since kitchen corners are often wasted in most kitchens.