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A plate rack is a convenient and stylish way to store dishes. The beauty of this piece is that it can be constructed and then added to already installed cabinets. The primary restriction to a plate rack is that only holds a specific number of plates. A plate rack is best used to store formal sets of plates. The This device is commonly anchored to a wall and the underside of top cabinets for extra strength. Plates are put in allocated slots which hold just one plate per space. Plate racks are often without a door covering them. Hence they keep their contents visible. For small kitchens that do not allow the installation of a hut or china cabinet, plate racks can offer an efficient space-saving alternative for flaunting a fine collection of dishes. Although plate racks often look like dish racks, they must not be used for drying plates as this will harm the finish or significantly damage the wood as a result of moisture accumulation over time. Plate racks are often made from wood however other materials can be used to make the racks blend with a contemporary kitchen aesthetic.