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A rosette is a refers to round carving that is normally attached to fluted fillers. It adds to the elegance of finished cabinets. A rosette is a is a carving which looks like a flower and is typically round in shape. A rosette is first carved into a square block of wood and then placed on fluted fillers. Rosettes are frequently seen on bookcases, kitchen cabinets, and entertainment centers. The rosette is first carved on a separate wood to avoid ruining the remaining cabinets in case of a mistake. This is a preventive measure which allows decorative details to be added to the cabinets without any chance of causing damage to them. Rosettes can be ordered as already manufactured products, or they can be custom built by carpenters. In both cases, the rosette is on a wood block which is then positioned on fluted fillers using adhesives or small nails. Rosettes can be ordered or constructed in different sizes to enable homeowners to meet the specific needs of their cabinets.