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A skin is a thin covering that has the appearance of wood. Skins have adhesives on one side which enables it to be attached to the surface of cabinets. A skin is manufactured using PVC or vinyl. It comes with an adhesive at the back. Skins can be used to improve the kitchen looks during a low budget remodeling project. They conceal the visible flaws of cabinets such as stains and scratches. The cabinet hardware need to be removed before a skin can be applied. The surface is then sanded and made even and smooth using putty before the application of the skin. Skins can be purchased in a diverse selection of stains, wood, grain pattern enable homeowners to choose a skin that meets their requirement. Applying skins on cabinets that are structurally compromised as they do not offer any added strength or support. The skin is strictly decorative and only used to improve the aesthetic appeal of cabinets.