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A wine rack is permanently fixed tool included in the cabinet run to serve as a convenient and fixed storage place for wine bottles. There are basic guidelines for the use of a Wine rack. For example, the wine bottles stored in a Wine rack are given a slight inclination to ensure that the liquid contained in the bottles constantly moistens the cork. However, there is a great diversity in the design of wine racks and the way wine bottles are creatively stored in them. Certain wine racks are placed in wall or standard base cabinets to conceal the wine bottles completely. While other designs allow cabinet doors to include a glass which showcases the wine bottles stored in the racks within. There are also wine racks in the form if refrigerated cases that are hidden in kitchen base cabinets to store the wine at specific temperatures even when the temperature of the surrounding fluctuates. The most basic design of a Wine rack consists of a small number of cutouts which hold the wine bottles in place.