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Wood Range Hoods

    1. Boston curved

      Boston curved
      Price From: $898.50
    2. Boston curved with strapping

      Boston curved with strapping
      Price From: $973.50
    3. Savannah Shiplap

      Savannah Shiplap
      Price From: $898.50
    4. Charleston Sloped

      Charleston Sloped
      Price From: $898.50
    5. Kentucky Sloped Walnut

      Kentucky Sloped Walnut
      Price From: $898.50
    6. Springfield Tapered

       Springfield Tapered
      Price From: $898.50
    7. Concord shaped

      Concord shaped
      Price From: $898.50
    8. Concord Shaped with strapping

      Concord Shaped with strapping
      Price From: $898.50

    Wood Range Hoods – Perfect Addition To Your Kitchen Theme.

    Range hoods are unquestionably one of the essential elements of every modern age kitchen, but somehow their importance is often taken with a grain of salt. Range hoods serve the vital purposes of safety and comfort. Cooking releases a significant number of pollutants including steam, carbon monoxide and smoke to mention just three. Your range vent hood protects other kitchen components like cabinets as well as the kitchen users from these pollutants by eliminating these pollutants from the air. This practical appliance also keeps the kitchen properly ventilated and more habitable. Not every kitchen design features a range hood above the cooktop or stove, but now you know why yours should and who dare say you can’t let your sense of style shine through your choice of a range hood?

    Why Choose wood range hoods?

    Even though vent hoods are mainly functional, they are also architectural elements which present homeowners an opportunity to make a major statement on the appeal of your kitchen. There is a wide spectrum of range hood styles to choose from, yours can either be oversized or concealed, made of stainless steel or copper, but nothing comes close to a finely finished wood range hood to go with the theme of your contemporary or traditional kitchen design.

    Wood range hoods give you the flexibility to select from a host of canopy/range styles and sizes. It could be curved or sloped as exhibited by the popular Boston curved and Charleston sloped wood vent hoods respectively. You could even opt for a more intricate hood shape like Concord or stick to something simple e.g., rectangular or round hoods. Wood hoods can also feature decorative moldings or strappings to create a unique piece that perfectly suits your style.

    Wood Range hood accessories

    Besides the external decorative piece, range hoods require important accessories like internal liners and an efficient vent system to carry out there air filtering functions. Carolina cabinets warehouse also brings you the best of these. We have a good number of high power, high performance and minimal noise blow fans on offer.

    Wood range hood Maintenance

    Wood hoods provide an ingenious means of creating a captivating focal point in your cooking area; they can be dramatic or subtle depending on the style and size you choose. You can hardly go wrong by incorporating one from our warehouse into your kitchen. Remember to occasionally wipe down the range hood surface with a soft cloth soaked in mild soap water followed by a soft dry cloth wipe to avoid the buildup of grease. You will also need to replace your vent hood filter when required to ensure it keeps doing a wonderful job at freshening your kitchen air and keeping your cabinet and other furniture units in great shape for longer.

    When shopping for wood hoods Carolina Cabinet Warehouse make it easier than ever by ordering one from your own home or jobsite by simply going to our website.

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