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Accents are comprehensive pieces of woodwork that are used with kitchen cabinets to improve the all-round aesthetic of the style and design. In most cases, accents have no specific structural effect on the cabinets beyond simply enhancing the appearance of the cabinets. Cabinet hardware such as hinges and handles are commonly referred to as accents. However, they are further grouped into several categories on the basis of their differences and user specifications.

Molding is an additional example of an accent that may be categorized alongside other accents considering they are also carvedwood additions that improve the visual qualities of furniture. Accents are available in different styles and designs, but the majority of accents are constructed with softwoods since they are not meant to be functional portions of the cabinetry. It is recommended to test the finish qualities of an accent before installing it on the kitchen cabinets to achieve consistent assimilation properties for stains as well as lacquers. A good number of accents come with decorative legs to make them look like freestanding cabinets. Other common examples of accents are corbel, rosettes, and valences. All of which serve the purpose of improving the visual appeal of kitchen cabinets.