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Choosing the Best Range Hood for Your Kitchen


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If you still wake up to the smell of the cooking from last night in your kitchen, it is a sign that you need a better kitchen range hood! The kitchen range hood, exhaust hood, or range hood are an impressive element of innovation for every kitchen. Even though they are often overlooked, kitchen range hood plays a huge role in the hygiene of your cooking space - especially in maintaining healthy air quality.

They are responsible for sucking out smoke, fumes, heat, airborne grease, and other air impurities from your kitchen - hence, giving your kitchen a refreshing environment.


Types of Range Hoods


Over the years there have been lots of improvements in the design and quality of kitchen range hoods. Today there are a plethora of range hoods to choose from; they vary in size, quality of materials used, and if course cost.

Depending on how they are installed, range hoods can be categorized as:

Wall-Mounted Hoods are common in both traditional and contemporary kitchen designs. As the name suggests, they are mounted on the wall, and they help you maximize kitchen space

Island Range Hoods

This group of range hoods is designed for kitchens with island cooktops.Island range hood offers modern design and is suspended from the ceiling (directly over your cooking area). They are made from a variety of materials like stainless steel, wood, tempered glass, brass, and lots more.

Under-cabinet Hoods

Under cabinet, hoods are made to satisfy the needs and functions of small kitchens. They don’t take up much space, and you can rely on them to get the job done.

Curved Canopy

Beyond extracting and filtering impure air in the kitchen, this range hoods also double as a kitchen decor element. They are best for large kitchens.


Making the Right Choice of Range Hood


Having seen the types of kitchen Range hoods available in stores and warehouses, you may be wondering whether to opt for stainless steel range hoods or wood range hoods. Let’s take a look at both options and help you choose the best kitchen range hoods.

Stainless Steel Range Hoods

Like every other type of kitchen Range hood, stainless steel range hoods are efficient air pollutant extractors, and they help maintain healthy air quality. With the right installation, stainless steel hoods can be used to regulate air moisture and reduce airborne chemicals like nitrogen oxide and carbon monoxide from gas stoves. They are durable and require less maintenance. It takes an effortless wipe to get it shining and squeaky clean. Stainless steel gives off a glittery reflection that screams luxury.

With these impressive hoods over your cooktop, you don’t have to worry about fume deposits on your hood. For a more sophisticated look, you could have decorative lights to illuminate your cooking area. More customized options come with alarms that notify you when it’s time to clean them.

Wood Range Hood

Wood range hoods are also a great choice of material. They offer a subtle and unique design that reflects the classic era. Beyond improving kitchen air quality and enhancing aesthetics, wood kitchen range creates a natural and warm atmosphere for you to enjoy your cooking. While choosing your wood rampage hood, you should consider

The Type of Wood - this plays a significant role in determining how much durability you should expect from the kitchen range hood.

The Size of The Wood Range - you can choose between small, standard, and large size. The size of your kitchen determines what size will be suitable for you.

Finishing - this is where you get to showcase your creativity and style.

Browse through our fascinating collection of range hoods at Carolina Cabinet Warehouse. We’ve got a huge selection of kitchen range hoods that will keep the air fresh in your kitchen and complement any pre-existing décor seamlessly.