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Welcome to Carolina Cabinet Warehouse!

Are you are looking for cheap kitchen cabinets prices? Do you want more options than what you see in the "Big Box Stores"? Carolina Cabinet Warehouse gives you THOUSANDS of options for your kitchen or bathroom remodeling projects. Our "Ready-To-Assemble" (RTA) cabinets give you a high-quality, custom look at budget-friendly prices. Our automated order processing allows you to shop and buy when you're ready on your schedule. Contact us today for additional options for your kitchen or bathroom remodels. We look forward to helping you make your dream kitchen or bathroom a reality!


What People Say

I was so worried when I found out that I had to make a purchase for cabinets for my kitchen. I am a single, working, woman and have just planned the renovation of my kitchen. I wanted to have my dream kitchen and wanted perfect cabinets for them, but I work 6 days a week,(more…)

Suzan H. (Greenville, SC)

My mom and I had been planning to buy cabinets for our kitchen for months. But every time she had time, I didn’t. Then I searched online for kitchen cabinet shopping. I found this online store and ordered for our kitchen. The cabinets just had the perfect woodwork and finishing.(more…)

Helen C. (Atlanta, GA)

When I shifted to my new house, I was disappointed with the gloomy sight of my kitchen; that is why I ordered kitchen cabinets from this site. To tell you honestly, I thought that this site might be fishy because the prices that are offered online were way less than the competition.,(more…)

Steven T. (Charlotte, NC)

After a lot of exploration and comparison shopping both online and offline, I selected this site to make my purchase because I was getting the cabinets I wanted at a price I could afford. When I ordered these cabinets, they arrived within two days—much faster than I expected.(more…)

Charles B. (Hilton Head, SC)

My husband and I were looking for a sophisticated cabinet for our new house since we had just got married little time ago. What we were looking for had to have that special touch needed for you to fall in love with it. We looked here and there for some time to make sure we were choosing THE right one. It wasn’t until a friend of mine recommended me Carolina Cabinet Warehouse that we found what we were looking for. It was so easy to choose the design we loved the most and to contact them for more information. They guided us with the steps to follow to have everything settled in the right way. The service given was more than exceptional and not to mention the quality of our gorgeous cabinet! When they say quality is not sacrificed by the really convenient price, they say the truth. I would buy from this store every single time I would be looking for furniture for my house. Highly recommendable to anybody looking to make their home a more beautiful one!.(more…)

Giselle L. (Seattle, WA)

Last month was my mom’s birthday and I knew she wanted to remodel part of her kitchen. With that I had in mind exactly the gift, a kitchen island, but I didn’t know where to find it as I had no time to lose for getting it. Buying stuff online is the time we are living in! I did some search and got to Carolina Cabinet Warehouse. I contacted them right away and the delivery was super-fast! In about eight days I had the gift with me. I didn’t have to worry at all to have it on time for my mom’s celebration. As well as me, she loved her new furniture; she never expected me giving her what she wanted so much. My mom is crazy about making her house a stylish place and her kitchen island was really what she wanted. Carolina Cabinet Warehouse showed to be an outstanding Kitchen store!(more…)

Charles M. (San Francisco, CA)

I moved to Maryland because I was starting a post-graduation program on Psychology, but the place I got for living needed urgent repairs. With my mind focused on my study program only, I had little time to think about my new apartment renovation. This is why I want to thank this page now because it saved me a really tedious shopping time for doing of my kitchen a better looking place. When I saw the cabinet’s designs, I knew I didn’t need to wonder more about it. I have always had a passion for antiques designs. My apartment is indeed my place now with my preferred style. Fast shipping and amazing affordable prices are really two things to highlight. The assembling took me a short time and the result was perfect! I will never regret my choice(more…)

Andrew L. (Silver Spring, MD)

We were not sure if we should order our kitchen cabinets online. But we were stunned by the look of the cabinets we got from Carolina Cabinets Warehouse. The price was right and the fun part is our cabinets were perfectly made and are utterly beautiful. We were able to assemble the cabinets without any trouble at all. What a great company to deal with! Customer service is top notch. Thank you Carolina Cabinets Warehouse! We would need quality bathroom kitchen cabinets soon so we’ll be ordering again. We won’t forget to spread the good news to friends and family. Thank you!(more…)

Clifford R. Frost

We found the kitchen cabinets we got from Carolina Cabinets Warehouse in excellent condition, the shipping was right on schedule and the pieces were so easy to put together. The quality and finish is as good as I have ever seen. We swiftly went from an outdated 90’s cabinet to classy and elegant. We’ve got neighbors doing a kitchen remodel and we’ve recommended they buy contemporary kitchen cabinets from your online store just as we’ve done. (more…)

Travis K. Wiley

Our kitchen cabinets are gorgeous and we are extremely impressed by their top quality. We finally have the kitchen we’ve always dreamed of. We owe more than great gratitude to the staff at Carolina Cabinets Warehouse for the outstanding customer care service they provided. We never expected such a grand treatment while ordering our kitchen cabinets online. We will be uploading pictures online to celebrate our awesome kitchen. (more…)

Brent B. Close

We’ve just finished installing our kitchen cabinets and we’ve also received the hardware we ordered to further enhance the marvelous look. Our kitchen is simply fantastic! We’ve recommended your online kitchen cabinet store to friends and coworkers. The products and services we received were amazing. Thank you for everything and we promise to continue recommending you to everyone we know who wants to buy kitchen cabinets. (more…)

Kelly A. Cornett

Everyone at Carolina Cabinets Warehouse is amazing. I found this awesome store online after searching for kitchen cabinets near me on google. I ordered and after that it was a fairytale till the end. The RTA cabinets I received are incredible and all the services I received were wonderful. Customer care is unbelievably pleasant and the price of everything is affordable. Doing business with this store was such a pleasure. (more…)

Thomas F. Hathaway

Our cabinets are beautiful and made from good quality wood without any bit of particle board. Great value for money and I received my kitchen cabinets just as scheduled. No delays! The price was way lower than other stores we inquired from and the quality is as good as you'd get anywhere else. Probably even better! Our experience rating would definitely be a 10 out of 10. (more…)

Mark V. Stillman

We greatly appreciate the custom kitchen cabinets we got from Carolina Cabinets Warehouse. They honestly look even better than the images on the website gallery. We also have to applaud the way the cabinets are made and the sophisticated engineering design that was implemented to make the cabinets so easy for anyone to assemble. Assembling these cabinets have brought the family together. My wife and the kids were in the kitchen the whole time waiting to help with whatever they could. Thank you Carolina Cabinets Warehouse! (more…)

Howard T. Edmonds

It’s been just three weeks since we received our order for contemporary kitchen cabinets from Carolina Cabinets Warehouse. Everyone who enters the kitchen is dazzled by great look of our kitchen cabinets and when I inform them of the entire cost, they are astonished. Assembly was easily done by my husband and teenage son with help from the assembly videos on the website. We got our dream kitchen for the cheapest possible price. Thank you for your amazing products and great customer care. (more…)

Belinda R. Bevis

My kitchen is complete and the cabinets look much lovelier than I expected them to be for the price I paid. I am a single mom with two kids and thought I’d have a tough time getting my kitchen done. But with Carolina Cabinets Warehouse, everything was smooth and I had no trouble at all finding the perfect cabinets for the right price. Delivery was prompt and it took just a little over an hour to assemble the whole thing. I saved over $4000 on my beautiful kitchen cabinets. Thank you so much! (more…)

Jennifer J. Winsor

This is to thank Carolina Cabinets Warehouse for providing us with quality kitchen cabinets at such an affordable price. Our makeover project is nearing completion and we are so proud we shopped from this wonderful online store. They are extraordinary! Our order arrived early allowing us to kick start our makeover project just in time. All the components were intact and the cabinets are in great shape. We’ll be proudly showing our kitchen off to family and friends. Thanks Carolina cabinets warehouse for these stylish and affordable cabinets. Our bathroom is next in line. (more…)

Thomas S. Jacobs


Kitchen Cabinets Online Store - Carolina Cabinet Warehouse prices!

We are proud to have Cheap Kitchen Cabinets prices!

Our kitchen and bath cabinets are made from the highest quality materials. We don’t sacrifice quality in order to provide affordable high quality cabinets to our clients. Customers can choose from a wide range of materials such as oak, maple, cherry, birch, and bamboo to name a few. Our ready to assemble cabinets are easy to assemble. Aside from cheap kitchen cabinets prices, we also provide other products, such as knobs for cabinets, Kitchen Islands, and bathroom vanities. We strive to be a one-stop shop for all your cabinetry needs. All our products are stocked in one of our seven warehouses throughout the United States and will arrive within fourteen business days after ordering from us.

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Carolina Cabinet Warehouse wants to make your kitchen and bath cabinetry project easier by providing free kitchen designs. All you need to do is to send in the dimensions of your kitchen or bath space. You should also include your color, cabinet preferences and ideas, we will do the rest and provide you cheap kitchen cabinets quote & design. This way our in-house designers can incorporate them into your design. Within five business days, we will send a mock-up of the kitchen that includes pricing details and other design suggestions. Then all you need to do is to pick a budget, design package, and the cabinets will be ready order through our online ordering system. We value all our clients and there needs to ensure that they get products that provide the best value for their money. Our customers from across the nation can attest to this. We provide outstanding customer service to make sure that they are satisfied with our products and services. Clients can contact us about any concerns with their kitchen cabinets and designs and or installation questions, we are always here for you.

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Carolina Cabinet Warehouse believes that it is better to provide information that helps customers make informed decisions about their purchases. Visit the other pages of the website to learn more about our products and why they are the best choice on the market today. We also provide remodeling tips and trends to keep our customers up to date with the latest designs and products. And we also value your ideas and tips along with photos. Our cheap kitchen cabinets prices are ideal for professionals, stay at home moms, DIY dads, or just about anyone who is looking for high-quality cabinetry. We have top quality cabinets to satisfy your kitchen needs, and of which can be ordered in a conveniently on our website. Contact us today to learn how we can help you with your kitchen and bath cabinet projects. We will be happy to answer all your questions about our products and services.

Carolina Cabinet Warehouse is specialized in DIY Kitchen Cabinets projects