The kitchen plays a vital role in many homes. As one of the most used rooms of a house, it is truly the hub for any social or family gathering. It is where you cook your family’s meals and where you spend time with loved ones. Since it is seen and visited by many, you will want to have a presentable kitchen. You’ll want its look and feel to reflect your personal style and tastes. Here are a few kitchen ideas on how to choose the perfect cabinets!

How To Choose The Perfect Kitchen Cabinets

Before you start your kitchen cabinet remodel project, you will have to think of the type of style you will want to see every day, and if it will match the look of the rest of your kitchen. If you choose a style that doesn’t complement the rest of your kitchen’s décor, you might have to redo your entire kitchen. So putting some serious thought into this project is suggested.

A few cabinet styles work best for contemporary kitchen designs, while others look great with cottage-style kitchens, and still others are more traditional. However, transitional cabinet styles exist, and they can bridge a few kitchen décor designs, allowing you to use either style with the rest of your kitchen.

According to HGTV’s (link: ) article on cabinet door styles, you will also have to decide on what kind of hardware you want your cabinets to include, or if you’ll want to add some fancy accent cabinets to the mix or maintain a more consistent look throughout. Answering these types of questions is essential for choosing the right cabinets for your tastes and overall kitchen design.

Types of kitchen cabinets

You can find numerous kitchen cabinet styles to choose from when looking for he one that will best fit your kitchen design. You can choose flat-panel cabinet doors, which feature a flat center panel with raised outer edges. People choose these doors when they want a modern, sleek, and clean look. However, they also look great with traditional, contemporary and transitional styles, too. Raised panel cabinet doors have a raised center with a profile or contour around it. These go best with a traditional or transitional design.

Then there are slab cabinet doors that feature a flat slab of wood with no panels, accents or contours. These are mostly used in contemporary kitchens and can be made from a variety of materials like glass, louver, aluminium frames, and more. But if done correctly and designed right, these types of kitchen cabinets can work well with any type of design. Accent doors can also be used, and these serve more for decoration than function. For example, a bank of glass-fronted cabinet doors is great for showcasing your chinaware.

If you want other embellishments or accents, like geometric fretwork, or blades of grass, you will have to think about how it will all play out in your final design. Custom-built kitchen cabinets allow you to incorporate just about any type of cutout or pattern you’d like, making them unique and stylish. The sky is the limit on how much of your personality and personal tastes you would like your made to order kitchen cabinets to have.

Different wood options

Besides different cabinet styles, you can also choose which type of wood you would like your kitchen cabinets to be made from. There are certain types of wood cabinets that accompany various styles. So if you want a contemporary or modern look, for instance, then knotted pine or hickory wood won’t work well. However, either of those is a great choice if you want a cottage, country, or rustic look since it has a lived-in look that complements those styles.

If you’re going for a transitional style, oak is great for that and traditional designs. Using a beautiful dark wood, like cherry, will provide your kitchen a classic and regal look. However, you can also choose different materials for your cabinet doors like laminate or thermofoil, which provide you with a lot more color and style options than wood.

Custom-built options

Instead of buying your kitchen cabinets at big chain stores, opt for custom-built ones what will no one else will have. They will be one-of-a-kind and far superior to anything you can buy in stores. Make sure to get a professional who has great reviews and many years of experience to ensure quality work. Have them come to your home for the estimate, do the measurements and even provide you with their professional expertise on what would look good in your kitchen. Having custom and handcrafted cabinet doors is well worth the added expense for those who prefer to be unique.