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A kitchen without befitting cabinets feels like a beach without sand. Since kitchen cabinets made their debut many years ago, there has been an incredible revolution in their looks, sizes, and finish - and the choice of materials they are crafted from. From the traditional kitchen design of the early years, today, there are a variety of stunning designs, and the European style cabinets are leading the race. Because of their contemporary design, they are beautifully made to satisfy every kitchen function - including aesthetics and adding value to your kitchen.

This class and brand of kitchen cabinets are smooth to touch, sleek, and feature streamlined designs. European style cabinets are affordable for the quality of craftsmanship they offer. What makes European style kitchen cabinets a must-have in every kitchen around the world? Let’s find out.


What are European Style Kitchen Cabinets?


Like we mentioned earlier, these cabinets are appealing and the crème de la crème of kitchen cabinetry. Also known as Euro-style or frameless kitchen cabinets, they feature elegant and chic designs. The modern design of frameless cabinets is vastly what differentiates them from their traditional counterparts – they are smooth, clean, and fit flawlessly in any modern kitchen decor.


What are Frameless Cabinets?


Frameless cabinets door is attached to the sidewall of the cabinet, unlike what we have in the traditional kitchen cabinets where the doors are hung with hinges (either from the side of the top). This creative and innovative design on the frameless cabinets eliminate reveals from around the door. On the other hand, traditional or framed kitchen cabinets have different reveal options depending on where the door is hung.

If you open the exquisitely designed frameless cabinets, you don't get confronted by a center stile and boring overlay. Arguably the most spacious when compared to framed cabinets, the absence of the stile in the center gives frameless cabinets more room to accommodate more items with enough spaces for access. Frameless cabinets are built from the strongest and most durable materials like hardwood, fiberboard, veneer, plywood, and a host of other materials that deliver excellent finish like the high gloss cabinets.


European Style Modern High Gloss Kitchen Cabinets


Depending on your choice of kitchen cabinets, you can opt for a glossy kitchen cabinet, one that reflects class and exotic taste. The European style modern high gloss cabinets are frameless cabinets that are coated with glossy materials. In addition to the elegant designs and exceptional storage, high gloss frameless cabinets are ideal for kitchen remodeling and have a great impact on the ambiance and look of your kitchen. Their visual appeal is out of this world, and you can't say no to an upgrade for this masterpiece!

Frameless modern high gloss kitchen cabinets reflect light and brighten your kitchen space, hence, making it seem larger with sparkling detail of every element. They are exceptionally befitting for small size kitchen as well. Modern high gloss kitchen cabinets have remarkable water resistance capability- thanks to the excellent choice of materials they are made from! With these cabinets, you also have less cleaning to do because stains come off easily.


European Style Kitchen Cabinets Wholesale


Contrary to popular opinion, frameless or European style kitchen cabinets don't cost a fortune. When you compare the value they add to your home to how much you have to pay for them; you will discover that they offer a higher return on your investment. Whenever you decide to adorn your kitchen with incredible European style cabinets; Carolina Cabinet Warehouse have you covered. Browse our selection and get unbeatable deals on every European style cabinet purchase.