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A wood laminate refers to a special type of thin covering for the core of wood projects. Wood laminates enhance the appearance of wood materials. Laminates are typically thin sheets of woods called veneers but can be constructed using other materials. The main benefit of wood laminate is that it enables homeowners to achieve the appearance of actual hardwood cabinets while also decreasing the entire cost of the project. A major disadvantage of is that cabinets made of manufactured wood products that are made to look like hardwood using laminates are not as strong and sturdy as cabinets made of hardwood and laminate surfaces are often more difficult to refinish than hardwood.
Laminate needs to be carefully maintained and taken care of regularly. The laminate material used for cabinets is thinner than that of countertops. Laminate cabinets should be cleaned regularly with mild soap and water. However, water must not be allowed to stand on the laminate surface to avoid the softening of the adhesive that was used to keep the laminate in place. The laminate on countertop surfaces is created specially to withstand sustained exposure to moisture; a quality lacking in the laminate used on cabinet surfaces.