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Appliance Garage
Appliance garage is a term which generally refers to a variety of customized countertop storage compartments which are created specifically to store and conceal sizable kitchen appliances. In earlier times, most kitchens have a revolving barrage of kitchen appliances which often ccupies the countertop areas closest to the electric outlet. Nowadays, countertop spaces are being remodeled to serve as permanent storage locations for kitchen appliances that are frequently used. These storage locations will normally be on the countertop but will match the exterior of the pre-existing kitchen top cabinetry. Within the compartment, you’d typically find an electrical outlet for an assigned appliance.
Appliance garages in most cases harbors appliances such as microwaves, tea, and coffee pots, and other portable machines used in the kitchen. The particular measurement of each appliance garage is determined by its placement area as well as the measurements of the kitchen appliance it is meant to house. Because an appliance garage is often a custom built piece of kitchen furniture, generally built cabinet sets do not have them included. However, upon request, cabinet manufacturers can build an appliance garage that matches the existing aesthetics of the kitchen cabinetry. Appliance garages mandate homeowners to sacrifice a countertop space permanently. Hence, this permanent compromise should be put into consideration before deciding to add an appliance garage to the kitchen.