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Apron Front Sink
This is a sink with a unique appearance due to an exposed front-facing side. It is a considerably large sink which fits into the countertop edge in a manner that leaves the front side exposed. Apron front sinks are built to be incorporated into a space provided by cutting out a portion of the counter and are also referred to as farm sinks. These sinks are conventionally large owing to the fact that they are multifunctional and serve several needs for large families.
The principal benefit of the design of an apron front sink is that once damaged, the sink can easily be detached from the drain pipe after which a replacement sink can be installed. To keep the replacement process easy, these sinks come with no holes for faucets and fixtures. Rather, a water faucet runs through a fitting permanently located on the counter and extended over the sink without necessarily attaching the faucet to the sink. This further enhances the versatile usage of apron front sinks in busy kitchens. At present, the apron front sink is again becoming increasingly popular due to their traditional appearance and great levels of importance.