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A backsplash refers to any material which is used in covering the visible wall area between a countertop and the upper kitchen cabinets. This element of a kitchen area offers homeowners a chance to flaunt their sense of style by choosing from a great variety of colors, textures, and materials. A key feature of a good backsplash is the ability to resist common substances that could splash on it so as to maintain a neat look and serve its decorative purpose for much longer. This feature is crucial since the kitchen is one part of the home where the appeal of decoration and functionality must go hand in hand. Ceramic tile is the most popular backsplash material. By making use of ceramic tile, you have a limitless number of options in colors and designs to decorate your kitchen with. Ceramic tiles are a good backsplash material because they are durable and very easy to maintain. Lately, the use of alternative backsplash materials is on the rise because homeowners are starting to realize the fact that utilizing other backsplash materials provides an avenue for them to harness their decorative potential fully. A great material which is resistant to water, fire, and grease is natural stone. Also, stainless steel is another choice of backsplash covering which has rapidly gained popularity over the years.