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Base Angle Cabinets
Base angle cabinets are cabinets specially designed to fit in the corners of a room where two walls meet. It's very uncommon for all kitchen cabinets to be completely straight. Since cabinets are fashioned into forms and sizes that provide extensive countertop space, the necessity for corner cabinet designs has become more prominent. A considerable amount of storage space would be inevitably lost as a result of inaccessibility of the corner areas of a room without these cabinets. Though the primary aim is maximizing space utility, these cabinets are available in several design options with varying doors and shelving styles. Base angle cabinets can add a flush facing finish to a given row of cabinets if built in a trapezoid shape.
These cabinets also checkmate the complications encountered due to directional changes or sophisticated design ideas. To enable them fit in right-angled wall corners, base angle cabinets are commonly constructed in triangular and diamond shapes. In some instances, a 120-degree alignment could be effective in altering the structure of a cabinet to suit an irregular countertop. Rotating shelves are commonly found in base angle cabinets with overall depths more than twenty- four inches. Irrespective of the internal shelving system, a key factor affecting the functionality of corner cabinets is the placement of door hinges.