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Base Cabinets
A base cabinet is a cabinet which is designed to sit under and bear the weight of a countertop in both kitchens or bathrooms. These cabinets come with a standard depth of 24-inches and provide the largest storage space. When buying kitchen or bathroom base cabinets, it is advisable to find cupboards which are offered with the base cabinet as an accompanying set. The Base cabinets are among the key deciding factors of the appeal of the general decoration and forms the basis for storage in the kitchen.
Though bathroom and kitchen floor cabinets have different structural features, they are both referred to as base cabinets. For instance, in a bathroom which has a pedestal sink, the base cabinet may be a simple façade to mask plumbing without actually providing any storage capability. Faux draws can also add extra dimension to a bathroom base cabinet without enhancing its functionality. Depending on the price, this could also hold true for some kitchen cabinets. Base cabinets are available in models with and without doors and in a wide variety of materials. To reduce cost, base cabinets can be designed in such a way that only the exterior is made from actual solid wood.