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Base End Cabinets
Base end cabinets are cabinets at the end of a series of kitchen cabinets situated under a countertop.While it isn’t necessary to incorporate them into your kitchen design, they function to enhance the décor of the storage area further. A base end cabinet is a basic component of a kitchen design, and these cabinets share a close resemblance with the other cabinets available in the series. However, the inside is angled to taper the end of the cabinet row.
This gets rid of sharp corners yet at the same time adds extra storage space to the room. Base end cabinets are often not as big as the remaining kitchen cabinets, but they often make a good storage space for utensils which are not used frequently. Base end cabinets are made using the same kind of wood as the other cabinets. Also, the doors and exterior have identical decorative elements as regular kitchen cabinets.