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Base End Shelf
Base end shelves are those shelves situated at the end of a set of kitchen cabinets located under a countertop. Though not available in all kitchens, base end shelves are a good way to introduce more storage space and improve cabinet decoration. A Base end shelves share a close similarity with base end cabinets. However, they have often without doors, and the contents in them are not hidden. The design of these shelves is not universal since each base end shelf must either suit the left or right side of a kitchen and not both.
The shelves often serve a decorative purpose since they are used as storage places for ornaments, colorful bowls, flower vases, and other decorative materials. A base end shelf can also serve as a storage area for seasoning bottles, spices, and other essential kitchen items. These shelves are comparably smaller to ensure accessibility to the area around these cabinets. The wood material used in making these shelves and their finishes correspond with the rest of the kitchen cabinetry.