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Base Skin
This is the lower area between the floor and the bottom of kitchen base cabinets. Other common terms for base skins are “toe kicks” and “toe skin.” The base skin is a visually appealing trim that extends from the base of the cabinet to the kitchen floor. It is narrower than the cabinets and creates an allowance for a toe kick; a small space under the front of kitchen cabinets where cooks and other kitchen users place their feet while in the kitchen.
The base skin serves two vital purposes; the first is to keep food spills and dirt off the lower part of the cabinets and the second is to help kitchen user maintain balance. Homeowners can get base skins having identical finishes as the kitchen cabinets. Base skins are often available in predetermined widths. Hence it can be challenging to keep all the kitchen cabinets level and have toe kicks which extend down to the kitchen floor.