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Base Spice Pull Out
A base spice pull-out is a component of a base cabinet which is entirely intended for storing herbal plants, seasonings and of course spices. Though base spice pull-outs are often situated in larger kitchen cabinets, you can also find separate spice cabinets or drawers as small as 6- inches which can be drawn outwards for quick access to spice containers. Storing spice bottles in a base spice pull-out is a basic and effective alternative to storing these essentials in pantry spaces.
The spice pull-out could be in the form of a rack that is easily rolled out or a drawer which can be easily pulled out for a quick and easy access to spice bottles. A base spice drawer can be easily placed between adjacent appliances or cabinets. Though already made base spice pull-outs are available in the market, homeowners can have them custom- built by manufacturers to blend perfectly with their cabinetry needs.