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Bridge Cabinets
A bridge cabinet is a type of cabinet which is used to fill the gap between two wall cabinets that are close to each other. These cabinets are often placed above sinks, stoves or refrigerators and are usually not up to 30-inches in height. A bridge cabinet is a convenient and delightful way of increasing the storage space in a kitchen. Since conventional cabinets don't always fit in spaces above such appliances mentioned above, hence these type of cabinets are a means to prevent space wastage in these areas.
Small kitchen wares which are not frequently used and recipe books can be kept in bridge cabinets. Aside from adding valuable storage space, these cabinets also ensure the continuity of wall cabinets. In most cases, bridge cabinets are anchored to the adjacent wall cabinets and the ceiling so that they can be as steady and reliable as possible. Bridge cabinets can be purchased in matching finishes and designs as regular cabinets. Bridge cabinets are also installed in laundry rooms, bathrooms and offices to provide additional storage space.