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Bumper Pads
Bumper pads are soft rubber or plastic materials added to the doors of cabinets to reduce usage wear and tear in the wood and also keep noise levels down when opening and closing the cabinets. Bumper pads are commonly four-cornered e.g. rectangular or circular pieces often attached to the interior rather than the exterior of the cabinet doors. Bumper pads minimize the noise associated with opening and closing kitchen cabinets. Without these pads, vibration and noise levels would be high when cabinet doors are used. Bumper pads keep cabinet usage as noiseless as possible.
Bumper pads can be purchased in an assortment of materials, which includes plastic, felt and rubber. These pads are normally attached to cabinet doors using an adhesive glue or backing. However, they may wear and fall off over time. Alternatively, holes can be drilled on cabinet doors in which bumper pads can be permanently affixed. Bumper pads also serve protective purposes on the woods even when cabinet doors are closed.