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Butcher Block
Butcher block is the term for a particular kind of wood surface for countertops and tables which is similar to chopping surfaces commonly found in meat processing industries and butcher shops. The butcher block is usually has a thickness of several inches and can also be called a chopping block. Chopping blocks are durable and can be resurfaced by sanding to regain a smooth chopping surface. End grain butcher blocks are made from lots of square pieces of solid wood often attached together using a special kind of glue in a way that their cut ends create a sturdy surface. Professional butcher blocks are considerably more dense than those used in domestic kitchens.
Edge butcher blocks are manufactured from small planks which have been glued together. The exterior of an edge butcher block appears stripped while end butcher blocks look like checkerboards. End butcher blocks cost more but are stronger than edge butcher blocks. Walnut, sugar maple and teak are common examples of wood materials butcher blocks are made of. Because butcher blocks are used as cutting surfaces during meal preparation, they are finished using health friendly oils.