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Cam Lock
A cam lock is one of the numerous types of fasteners commonly used in the construction of cabinets. Cam locks enable the cabinets to be fastened tightly together without having any significant effect on the external appearance. Cam locks are popular cylindrical fasteners widely used in making cabinets and other furniture. They can be seen in furniture and cabinet kits. Cam fasteners and cam locks make it possible for consumers to assemble kitchens and furniture such as cabinets conveniently.
Cam locks are mostly cylindrical and can be easily attached to the wooden material. The metal tube features a hole on one side in which the accompanying bolt fits. Cam locks can also be situated at joints to further enhance the security they provide. They are usually hidden after the cabinets have been completed; making them very popular among consumers. There are varieties of cam locks which completely secure cabinets thereby promoting privacy. As with most locks, cam locks are opened using a key.