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Carpenters Glue
Carpenter’s glue is a variety adhesive which is used to secure pieces of wood and can also be called “wood glue.” Carpenter’s is commonly used in the construction of wooden cabinets. There are numerous options available and they come in a range of strength rating to suit different needs. Cabinetmakers frequently reinforce small nails and staples using wood glue. Wood units can also be made more secure by applying the recommended amount of carpenter's glue to connections and joints.
A good number of carpenter’s glue can be stained and sanded once dry which means that using them doesn't have any effect on the appearance of completed cabinets. The drying time of each wood glue is dependent on the ingredients contained. While some dry very quickly even under wet and cold conditions, others take significantly longer to dry. Majority of the available carpenter's glues have longer bond time to enable woodworkers make adjustments and corrections to the piece they are working on before the glue dries completely.