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Center Stile
A center stile is a piece of metal or wood that vertically demarcates a cabinet opening or doorway. Center stiles are used to hold the weight of the door frame and may well be completely removable. A center stile is commonly present in largedouble doors and extensive cabinet spaces. Incontrast to rails, which are oriented horizontally, center stiles offer a vertical support and are placed centrally at the cabinet opening to provide support for the frame.
Styles were initially intended to prevent cabinet doors from sagging, but woodworkers now have more durable construction material. Hence center stiles are no longer as important as they used to be. Center stiles are traditional and often used with deadbolts, latches, and shelves. Center stiles can potentially interfere with the storage function of cabinets hence detachable designs are obtainable. In addition, there are center stiles that may be modified to be used with organizing racks and drawers.