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Classic Crown Moulding
A classic crown is a form of molding or decorative trim which is used around the upper wall close to the ceiling. This apparatus may also be used to scale down the top of kitchen cabinets. This type of molding is simple yet adds a great deal of appeal to a room. A crown molding is installed at the point where the wall and the ceiling meet to help draw attention to the upper part of the room. Classic crown molding is frequently used alongside baseboards and chair rails for a coherent design all through the room.
The lines on a classic crown molding are very clean and simple. In contrast to more elaborate trims, classic crown moldings lack fancy designs. Though more commonly used in older homes, classic crown molding can be an elegant addition to newer buildings. It’s quite easy to install classic crown molding in a room, Strips of the crown molding can be purchased in a range of wood types and lengths. While some are made from softwoods, others are manufactured using hardwoods. You can also find classic crown moldings which are covered with veneers.