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Color Variation
Color variation is the term for the various colors observed within natural woods. Woods are often said to have character due to color variations. Color variation refers to the color range observable within a given wood species. For example, the color variation of Western Red Cedar ranges from red and brown to yellow or pink. The color variation of most woods can be improved using light and clear finishing products. Dark finishing products, on the other hand, decrease the level of color variation in woods.
This feature is one of the reasons why natural wood is commonly used for most home projects. Color variation adds contrast and depth to furniture such as cabinets, paneling, and wooden floors. A lot of the properties of individual varieties of wood arise from the color variations within these woods. The burls and knots often found in woods also contributes to the color variation since they are present in distinct textures. Color variations also enable homeowners to select wood materials that will incorporate the desired appeal to their homes.