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Contemporary Style
Contemporary cabinetry or kitchens is a term used to describe a modern design that is obtained by utilizing manmade components and highly effective minimalistic styles. Contemporary homes often utilize materials such as glass, laminate, stainless steel, concrete, lacquered surfaces and chrome. The complexion of contemporary style cabinets ranges from vibrant to stark. Contemporary style originated as a result of the 1940s European influences of designers which sought to implement functional approaches that bridge art and design. Other terms used in place of contemporary are "modern" and "industrial" this is due to the extensive use of stark straight lines and exposed metal surfaces in contemporary designs.
A key feature of contemporary design is the fact that there is minimal or no decoration used. An objective of contemporary design is to ensure that every element of the design serves plays a functional role and the arrangement is carefully planned for maximum efficiency. The current availability of kitchen appliances with finely brushed metal finishes and bold lacquered coloration makes it easy to achieve perfect contemporary styled kitchens. Contemporary kitchen cabinets often feature metal doors and concealed hinges. Wood kitchen cabinets when installed are given high gloss enamel finishes to harmonize effortlessly with the overall contemporary aesthetics. Contemporary style is a generic expression with a lot of latitude for incorporating individual preferences.