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A corbel in modern-day application is a carefully carved design feature that provides the visual appeal of aesthetic mastery to a given project. Corbels were originally designed to be weight- bearing elements of the architecture.Corbels bear the load of extremely heavy structures such as a ledge or a roof. The supportive power of a corbel dwells in its capability to make the most of leverage for great strength. This is because the top end of the corbel is like a right-angled platform which gains sufficient vertical support from its long body. Today, corbels are still used to create a classic regal appeal and they also serve as load bearing structures in kitchen cabinets and countertops.
Most cabinetry corbels are made of wood or resins that are installed before painting completed furniture. Before now, corbels were used as weight bearers for ledges and balconies. Corbels were generally masonry and therefore must not be confused with a bragger; a wood jutting which serves a similar purpose as corbels. Corbels can be incorporated in an identical manner and to serve similar functions as molding. That is, to change or refresh the appeal of the existing kitchen cabinets.