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Corner Cabinet
A corner cabinet is specifically designed to maximize the utility of spaces at the corners of a room. Due to the regular obstruction caused by perpendicular cabinet doors and the problems encountered in reaching kitchen cabinets with an overall depth exceeding 24-inches, a corner cabinet is required to use non-standard dimension. Corner cabinets are available in upper and base designs. However, base cabinets are the more common of the two models. The benefits of corner cabinets are quite numerous. However, they are basically designed to maximize corner space usage and correspond with the overall kitchen décor.
The internal shelving style of most corner cabinet ranges from custom-built shelves, lazy- Susans and drawers to being left entirely empty. Leaving corner cabinets empty is a good choice if they are intended to store large equipment or items. The main difficulty has to do determining how to efficiently fix functional doors in a way that would not disturb the aesthetics of the remaining rows of cabinets. On this grounds, corner cabinet doors tend to be multi-hinged and custom built to match the kitchen space.