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Corner Sink Base
Corner sink bases are specially designed cabinets which carry a traditional kitchen sink at the corners of a cabinet run. Sinks are placed using this method especially in "U" and "L" shaped kitchen base cabinet runs. The shaped kitchen base cabinet runs. The challenges that are specific to the use of corner sink bases are; the difficulty of properly maintaining the water supply access and drain pipe located beneath the sink and the large countertop area needed to adequately support the basin. A corner sink base makes use of a regular sink model.
However, it necessitates the installation of custom cabinets to adapt the kitchen base cabinets, the top cabinetry and the backsplash in a manner that permits an ergonomic utilization of space. It is quite difficult to merge the convenience of positioning the sink in a corner area with the functional requirements of supporting counter space in the adjacent area. The sink basin utilized in this kind of design will typically be oval or trapezoidal without any faucets attached to permit a proper and flexible placement in reference to the location of pre-existing pipes.