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Molding is a furniture strip made from MDF, hardwood or other material for the purpose of covering transitional areas. Molding can be used to conceal or preserve areas between corners and walls, or it may be used to facilitate an easy transition between distinct materials such as wallpaper and fabric. Molding generally refers to a trim installed around the floors, walls, or ceilings of a room. Chair rail is normally installed on room walls to preserve the wall, but a rail can also be used to promote an easy transition between wallpapers and paint colors.
Crown molding is used to add aesthetic details to the space around ceilings and rooms. Baseboards serve to protect the lower parts of walls from damage and scuffs. Moldings can also be installed on doors and windows to help conceal gaps or openings. Molding can be purchased in varying designs and styles which range from plain cut boards to extremely sophisticated carvings.