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Wall Cabinet
Wall cabinets refer to cabinets installed above the surface of the counter in contrast to the base kitchen cabinets that are positioned on the floor. Wall cabinets are usually as exceptional as the kitchens they are installed in, but they are often manufactured as part of a complementing set to base kitchen cabinets to maintain uniformity in the cabinet run. There are universal guidelines for manufacturing wall cabinets. Even though their construction may be very much like that of base kitchen cabinets, the first detectable dissimilarity is that kitchen wall cabinets never have drawers incorporated. Generally, wall cabinets have paneled doors, a hanging rail, and a box frame. A door should always be included in the wall cabinet.
Because the lower edge of the cabinet is visible, a lower edge molding should be installed. The weight distribution and support of wall cabinet is not the same as that of base cabinets; there are significant differences. The two most important features of wall cabinets are the box frames and hanging rails. A typical wall cabinet has a depth of 12-inches which is the only general feature observable throughout the construction of wall cabinets. The standard height of wall cabinets used to be 30-inches, but more height options are now available due to the increasing popularity of staggered designs of wall cabinets. The heights of kitchen cabinets currently available are 12, 15, 18, 24, and 40- inches. Widths are available between 9-inches and 48-inches in increments of 3-inches.